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July 30, 2013

Pick a card, any card or do you want what is behind door number Two

Hello World,

Where is the Medic today?….Puducah, Kentucky


Clint Hurdle—1957
Doug Rader—1944
Gus Triandos—1930
Joe Nuxhall—1928
Casey Stengel—1890

Chris Mullin—1963

Auto Racing
Neil Bonnett—1946


1969 – Trailing 8-0 in a game in the the third inning against the Houston Astros, New York Mets manager Gil Hodges calls time and walks past the pitcher Nolan Ryan into left field at Shea Stadium in New York. Shortly thereafter, Cleon Jones to leaves the game . It is reported at the time the star player suffered a leg injury fielding Johnny Edward’s double, but many believe it was Hodges’ way of publicly calling Jones out for his lack of hustle on the play.

1973 -Jim Bibby becomes the 14th rookie to throws a no-hitter and becomes the the first pitcher in Texas Rangers history to accomplish this masterpiece. The right-hander holds the World Champions Oakland A’s hitless in a 3-0 victory at the Oakland Coliseum.


Q: In the National Football League, how many footballs is the home team required to provide for each game?
A: 24–although from 8 to 12 are usually used.

Q: Who was the famous great-great-grandfather of San Francisco 49er quarterback Steve Young?
A: Mormon leader Brigham Young.

Q: What football player was the recipient of the biggest Super Bowl ring ever made?
A: Defensive tackle William “The Refrigerator” Perry of the Chicago Bears in 1986. The ring was a size 23.


On Monday, the New York Daily News news wrote an “I-Team” article about Alex Rodriguez and the possible forthcoming of MLB’s decision to suspend him for the rest of the 2013 season and all of 2014 as well. In essence, it is a high stakes poker game where Bud Selig and Alex Rodriguez are the players. Both have looked at their cards. It is “All In Time”. Does Bud have cards we haven’t seen? I’d say he does. Does Alex have a “Ace in th Hole”? I’d say he doesn’t. The pot is a mere $100 million. The spot light is shining in Alex’s eyes. He puts on his shades, a stalling tactic. Bud slides a card across the table. Alex takes a look and shows no emotion. Wait, what’s that noise. It is Bud with an envelope. He smirks and says in his best Monty Hall impersonation, ” Take what is in the envelope or Do you want what is behind door number Two”. The tension mounts. Whispers errupt suddenly. Oh, what will he do? If he folds, he eventually get $60 million or so. If he checks, maybe there is a better deal. If he calls, all bets (deals ) are off. If he loses a $100 million goes in the Yankees pocket. If he wins,will his reputation be worth that much? I’d say NOT. If he loses will he go to the poor house? No, some reports say he is worth hundreds of millions of dollars already. Most reports are speculating Rodriguez calls Bud’s bluff. WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

That is my opinion I welcome yours.

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Until next time,
The Fantasy Medic

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  1. John Crabb permalink

    Nice comparison and adding some levity really made your point. By the way, Monte Hall is a Canadian my friend, one for the Good Guys! lol

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